According to a list published a few months ago, it is likely to be important for a variety of advanced technologies, including batteries, which can provide power in all villages, socially known as “artificial intelligence and a new generation of panels.” solar. World Economic Forum.


“Technology plays a decisive role in the decision of the great challenges of the world, but also poses an economic and social risk.” At the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is very important that we prepare common standards and protocols to ensure that technology serves humanity and contribute to a prosperous and sustainable future, “said Jeremy Jurgens, head of information and interaction, member of the executive committee. World Economic Forum.

The 2017 “Top 10 Emerging Technologies” list of the “Meta-Advice on Emerging Technologies and published with the” Forums “highlights the scientific and technological progress of the US”, which members believe have the power to improve life, transform industries and protect the planet. It also provides an opportunity to discuss the human and social, economic or environmental risks and concerns that technologies can pose before adopting widely.

Analysis of “new technologies” The horizon is very important to continue being an integral part of the changes that could radically transform our world, allowing the timely analysis of experts in view of these obstacles. The World Community must come together and agree on common principles, whether our society benefits and counteracts these technologies, “says Dr. Bernard Meyerson, Director of Innovation at IBM and Chairman of the Board of New Technologies.

One of the criteria used by board members during the deliberations was the likelihood that, in 2017, the key to the installation of each technology will be. Therefore, the list covers several years of well-known technology, but only now reach levels of maturity in which its influence can be expressed significantly.

The top 10 “EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES” of this year’s list is as follows:

1-Systems Metabolic Engineering

Systems Metabolic Engineering

Advances in synthetic biology, systems biology, and evolutionary engineering make the list of chemicals that can be improved and cheaper through the use of plants instead of fossil fuels increases every year.
To compile this list, the Meta-Council of the World Economic Forum on Emerging Technologies, a panel of global experts, took advantage of the collective experience of the Forum communities to identify the most important recent technological trends. In doing so, Meta-Council aims to raise awareness of its potential and help fill the gaps in investment, regulation, and public understanding that often hinder progress.



The use of light and color to record neuronal activity in the brain has been around for some time, but recent developments mean that light can now penetrate deeper into brain tissue, which could improve the treatment of neurons. brain cells. people with brain disorders.

3-Open AI Ecosystem

Open AI Ecosystem

Shared advances in natural language processing and social awareness algorithms coupled with unprecedented data availability will soon enable intelligent digital assistants to perform a wide range of tasks including financial and business intelligence monitoring. Cheers. even advise on the choice of costumes.

4-Perovskite Solar Cells

Perovskite Solar Cells

This new photovoltaic material offers three improvements over the traditional silicon solar cell: it is easier to manufacture, can be used almost anywhere and to this day continues to produce energy more efficiently.


Organs on chips

Small models of human organs, the size of a memory device, can revolutionize medical research and drug discovery, allowing researchers to see the behavior of biological mechanisms in ways never before possible.

6-Nano Sensors and the Nano Things Internet


The Things Internet, which is expected by 2020. Covering 30 billion connected devices, one of the most interesting areas of interest today is nanosensors that can flow or be integrated into the human body. in building materials. Once connected, this online nanotechnology can have a major impact on the future of medicine, architecture, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals.

7-New Generation Batteries


One of the main obstacles to renewable energy sources is the matching of supply and demand, but with the recent advent of energy savings with sodium, aluminum and zinc batteries, these miniseries are clean and reliable sources of energy. to finish

8-Block circuit


Much has been done from an online book circulated for Bitcoin’s online currency. By investing more than $ 1 billion in risk sharing only in 2015, the economic and social impact of Blockchain’s potential to radically change the nature of markets and governments is just beginning.

9-2D materials

2D Materials

Graffen may be the most well-known material of a single layer, but it is not the only one. Decreasing production costs mean that these 2D materials are formed in many applications, from air and water filters to new generations of laptops and batteries.

10-Self-propelled vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles

Cars without drivers in most countries are not yet fully legal, but their ability to save lives, reduce pollution, boost savings and improve the quality of life of older people and other segments of the population has led to the rapid deployment of major technology precursors. the path to full autonomy.


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