Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World 2018

If you are looking for “Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World 2018” if this is you what you wanna know “what is the most dangerous sport?” then you are in a right place so here are your “sports with most injuries“.

So these are your “extreme sports” list:

The sports can be a moment of joy and a source of entertainment for everyone, from players to fans, but from time to time, injuries and even death may eclipse. Involving many physical contacts, it is not surprising that every sport has an element of danger. But which one do you consider the most dangerous in this lot? From extreme sports like basic jumps to those known as soccer, here are Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World 2018.

10. Cycling.

Cycling also is known as cycling is played for the first time on this list due to the high number of victims involved. Many may immediately conclude that the injuries can be attributed to an extreme mountain bike, when in fact the main cause of the injury is to expect “other vehicles.” This was documented vividly in the movie Premium Rush. Every second movie will keep you on the edge of the seat, that’s the risk. The streets can become an extremely dangerous place to frequent your bike and maybe a gateway to the hospital. so yes it is a ‘dangerous sport’.
Classifying the sport according to the hazards involved is not so easy. There are many sports that have not made this list but do not necessarily make them less dangerous. But one thing we can remember is that being prepared and taking the necessary protective measures can go a long way and even save your lives!

9. Base Jumping.

If you thought about jumping from a plane at 15,000 feet to become dangerous, think again. For many, it is not as difficult as it seems, and they choose cliffs and artifacts, such as towers. Jumping from these heights may seem safer when in reality they tend to be more complicated because there is almost no time available to deploy the parachutes or solve any problem. The base is really an acronym for the type of objects that people are starting. It means Buildings, Antennas (towers), Bridges (or bridges) and Earth (natural formations like cliffs, canyons, gorges, etc.). Developed for the first time by Carl Boenish in 1978, it has been gaining popularity ever since.

8. Horse riding.

Have you planned to have your own pony and ride it every day? Well, I’m sure a lot of us did, but did you know that walking is also considered a very dangerous sport? Deaths and even deaths are caused annually by road accidents. The most common cause of injury is trampling on the ground near the horse. Helmets are powerful and can become a permanent accessory in the hospital. Other causes include being thrown off your horse or fatal kicks while driving the horse to the paddock. So if you have that pony you dreamed of, be sure to be extremely careful.


7. Running of the bulls.

On July 6, the festival of San Fermín, or bullfight, is celebrated in Pamplona, as it is best known. Originally, it was a means of transporting bulls from where they were taken to the arena where they would be sacrificed. The young men jumped alongside these bulls to show their courage. Over the years, it has become a festival marked by music, dance, and markets. The race begins after the first two rockets and ends with the third and fourth rockets, indicating that the bulls entered the arena. The dangers of running with bulls are imaginatively immense. Every year, on average, between 50 and 100 people are injured due to gorging, suffocation, accumulation of people who cause suffocation and even being overwhelmed by bulls.

6. Jallikattu or sallikkattu.

Jallikattu also known as domesticated logs is another sport involving bulls, although it occurs on a different continent with a different set of rules. Taking place in the villages of Tamil Nadu during the festival Pongal (action of grace for abundant harvests) is a sport in which the only one emerges as the winner: the man or the bull. In one form of this sport, a person has to cling to the bull for a specific time or distance to gain, while a variant of that game is to free the bull in an open field with the participants trying to subdue the bull. The dangers that can be anticipated are numerous and up to 200 have died in this sport during the last two decades. Also because of protests by animal activists against cruelty inflicted on animals, the sport was banned in the country.

5. Bull riding.

This is a “rodeo” sport that requires it to be kept as long as the bull is trying to beat the horsemen. Just mentioning walking 1000 kg of beech causes nerves between us; so I do not think much about what the real sport means. He was considered one of the most dangerous sports in the world, with neck, head and face injuries and bumps that make up most injuries. In 1989, when the lobster Lane Frost was a trapped and blown devil, white protective vests became compulsory. This and several other protective measures have reduced the number of accidents in the field of sports, but despite this, “8 seconds are even more dangerous for sports”.

4. Gymnastics.

Gymnastics is a sport that tests balance, strength, flexibility, and control. Although originally designed to test soldiers for war in the military, it is now an Olympic sport challenged by many. This sport evokes an image of elegant men and women with leotards and also has a hideous face. Yes, I mean, the risks involved. Wrist fractures, spinal fractures, ankle sprains, cartilage injuries are just a few of the various injuries involved. Julie Gomez was the victim of one of the worst accidents in gymnastics history. In May 1988, months before the Olympics, during a warm-up, he slipped and struck his head, causing paralysis that lasted until his death in 1991.

3. Boxing.

A contact sport where the only goal of the participant is to attack his opponent is no surprise that it is not an uninjured sport. Statistics show that 90% of boxers suffer brain damage during their careers. They may even be prone to diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s later in life. It sounds terrible, does not it? But with the right protective gear, you can minimize the risk of injury.

2. Soccer.

Football ranks second in this list, probably due to the frequency of injuries in this sport. This could be attributed simply to a large number of players playing football, but deserves to be mentioned because of the terrible statistics of injuries and deaths in this sport. Statistics indicate that there is a 75% chance of having a concussion in this game, compared to 5% in other games. Every football player is aware of the risks to the body and brain throughout his career, but the great love of the sport and a large number of fans who follow it keep the fire burning in them.


1. Scuba diving.

Diving is a submarine sport that is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. This recreational sport is related to the use of SCUBA – underwater respirators must be sufficiently long underwater to enjoy the calm sea life. While some of the diving delights lie behind other underwater life, it’s a thrill of horror or cave exploration. The risk of this sport depends most on pressure variations. These changes in pressure can damage the lungs, tummy or chest damage. Long-term effects of high-pressure gases can cause nitrogen and helium accumulation in the blood, which can lead to tissue damage, small bowel movements, and even a blood supply disorder. Other losses may be due to equipment failure.

So these are the “Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World 2018“. If you really think that we made some efforts in this article so kindly comment below and appreciate our work.


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