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(“The top 10 best universities in Pakistan 2018” according to the Higher Education Commission HEC.)

Higher Education Commission HEC is responsible for providing the official rankings of higher education institutions in Pakistan based on a myriad of criteria. The HEC ranking is based on the number of students, research, innovation, infrastructure, student satisfaction and financial conditions of institutions.

1.National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST).

TOP 10 UNIVERSITIES OF PAKISTAN 2018: NUST is one of the new generation of ‘UNIVERSITIES OF PAKISTAN‘, with an advanced and innovative perspective. From the beginning of thorough military engineering institutes, NUST has gained a great deal, both nationally and internationally, in response to the changing needs of the world. The University’s main university continues to grow both academically and physically, while the commitment of the National Science and Technology University to the scientific leader continues to grow. grows at the same pace. Over the years, NUST has developed a knowledge-based ecosystem that promotes entrepreneurship and conducts high-impact studies. Today it is recognized internationally as a research-driven and socially inclusive university, distinguished from multi-disciplinary programs and focus on new technologies. We cooperate with 109 universities around the world, with 175 professors and 76 students in foreign universities.

2.Quaid-i-Azam University.

TOP 10 UNIVERSITIES OF PAKISTAN 2018: Islamabad Quaid-i-Azam University was founded in 1967. July. The University of Islamabad. He began to study in rented buildings and in 1971. Moved to a regular student camp.
Quaid-i-Azam University in 1976 For centuries, the Quaid-i-Azam was renamed the university. The University is one of the best universities in Pakistan with a qualified college. She has established contacts with selected European, South Asian, and United States universities.
International training and research institutions, including UNESCO, IRSIP, Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (Spain), etc. Collaborates with Quaid-i-Azam University. In addition, a well-founded university faculty member has worked in international universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia, Heidelberg, etc. Apologies and awards, such as the Brussels International Peace Prize. Due to the growing education and technical requirements of the country, the university offers quality education and training on smaller IT courses and offers a wide range of short-term diplomas and diplomas. The total number of university graduates is over 5500.

3.Lahore University of Management Sciences.

TOP 10 UNIVERSITIES OF PAKISTAN 2018: Lahore University of Management has a huge history of results and ambitious plans for the future. The idea of creating a university was based on the spirit of the LUMS prosecutor, Syed Babar Ali, who is the main university spirit. Thanks to the strong efforts and support of representatives of the business, academic and government world, he started to create something that would become one of the highest universities in South Asia. LUMS is a prestigious private sector university located in the heart of Lahore. The university is based on the DHA urban environment in Lahore. There are over 100 hectares of university land. Significant investments have been made to create the perfect LUM infrastructure. The blocks have large, classic, air-conditioned rooms, well-designed classrooms, well-equipped bookcases, well-equipped computer labs and resource centers. LUMS has many well-designed coffees.

This is a summary of the fact that LUMS is an elite university, so only the rich can afford such high taxes from the university. True, the university offers higher and higher education in payment structures. However, many LUMS provide many subsidies and financial grants to ensure that none of the poor and valuable students are denied the right to education. 2001 LUMS launched a national extension program to provide students with financial support.

It’s hard to create a place at university and set high standards of education right from the start. LUMS highly qualified teachers who teach world-class sciences, supporting student research and intellectual development. This multidisciplinary institution offers an unprecedented, research-based education throughout the year with around 4,000 students.

4.The University of Punjab.

TOP 10 UNIVERSITIES OF PAKISTAN 2018: Founded in 1882 in Lahore, the University of Punjab is the largest and oldest university of higher education in Pakistan. He was the first to settle on the subcontinent in the predominantly Muslim area.
Located in the historically and culturally vibrant city of Lahore, this university has played a leading role in higher education in the country. The University strives to provide an environment conducive to academic activities. Due to its qualities, pleasant environment and low enrollment rates, the University remains the first choice institution for students seeking admission.

5.COMSATS Institute of Information Technology.

TOP 10 UNIVERSITIES OF PAKISTAN 2018: The Committee on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) is an international organization. The goal is to bridge the growing gap between the developed world and development through useful applications of science and technology. The Third Academy of Sciences of the World (TWAS) has launched the proposal to create COMSATS under the leadership of Nobel Prize winner. Abdus Salam.

The COMSATS Foundation conference took place on 4 and 5 October 1994 in Islamabad. Representatives from 36 countries took part. Among the participants were twenty-two ministers, members of the diplomatic community of Islamabad and representatives of international organizations such as UNESCO, UNIDO, UNEP and the World Bank.

The conference decided that the panel and the secretariat of the committee will be permanently established in Islamabad (Pakistan) and that the head of Pakistan will be the first president of the council. It was agreed that the government of the host country, Pakistan, will be responsible for the operational and administrative expenditure of the secretariat, while the Commission’s development programs will be supported and funded by the technical assistance fund. This fund would be created through contributions from the Member States, revenue from services to the Member States, donations from international organizations and project funds if implemented on the basis of a contract.

ITIC was established in 1998. Concerning the Commission proposal Science and technology for sustainable development in the south (comsats), an intergovernmental organization consisting of 21 Member States on three continents; Asia, Africa and Latin America, including Bangladesh, China, Colombia, Egypt, Ghana, Iran, Jamaica, Jordan, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda and Zimbabwe. The ITIC currently has the status of a higher education institution that awards public sector titles and is granted federal government status in August 2000.

6.University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.

TOP 10 UNIVERSITIES OF PAKISTAN 2018: The University of Engineering and Technology (Principal) is located in the northern part of the Grand Trunk Road in the Lahore District (G.T. Road), near the beautiful gardens of Shalimar, built by the Great Mughal Empire.
The institution started its career in 1921 with the name “Mughalpura Technical School”. Later, the Maclagan Engineering College was named after 1923, when Sir Edwards Maclagan, when the Governor of Punjab, who placed the first stone in the main building, now called the main block that survived his majesty. Wear eight decades. At this stage the institution offered courses in only two subjects; Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
In 1932 the institution of the University of Punjab went to earn an undergraduate degree in engineering. In 1947, the Institute of Independence presented an undergraduate degree in civil, electrical engineering and engineering.
In 1954 he started his undergraduate degree in mineral engineering, the first in the country. However, the actual expansion and development of the institution began in 1962 to transform the “University of Engineering and Technology to Western Pakistan” and has a few years in courses in Chemical Engineering, Oil and Gas Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering, Architecture, Town Planning and Regional Planning.
Later in the university, the development of their degree programs offers seventy master’s degrees in engineering, architecture, planning and related specialties. Later, Ph.D. A bachelor’s degree in various disciplines has also been created. Then the University of Engineering and Technology was published in 1972. The phenomenal increase in matriculation in the 1970s brought the University in 1978 an engineer at the Taxi College, which became an independent university later in 1998. University of Technology and Technology, Taxila.
Taking into account the state of the country’s energy crisis, in 2004, the University identified its own 2-megawatt power generation system, upgraded to 3 megawatts, becoming the first and only national institution to own a generator. .

In order to meet the growing demand for graduate engineering and related disciplines, State University has launched an expansion program in the new millennium. As a result, education and research improved UET-Main and the establishment of satellite campuses takes place. The university currently has 3 satellite students; Faisalabad University, Kala-Shah-Kaku University, and Rachna College.

7.Aga Khan University.

TOP 10 UNIVERSITIES OF PAKISTAN 2018: Aga Khan University is a unique institute of academic excellence, also a social development agent. The university, which is an important medical education, nursing and education, research and public service source for developing countries, prepares men and women who lead to change in their communities and economic development. world. AKU teachers, students, and graduates go where they are most needed, working in informal urban areas in peripheral villages and in areas where conflict or negligence is nulūdo from basic services. In many cases, these communities are their homes.
In terms of impact, quality, relevance and accessibility, students at the University of Urban and Development in Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Afghanistan and the United Kingdom are students. Karachi and Nairobi, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Childbirth Education Center for Educational Development, Institute for Civilizations of Muslims, Communication and Communication School, East African Institute of Education and Human Development Studies Institute.
AKU also leads the Review Committee and manages its French Childhood Institute in Kabul, Afghanistan.
AKU students promote a healthy and supportive environment that includes pluralism, skills and leadership, teamwork, intellectual curiosity, discussion and direct involvement in problem-solving. in the real world. Access to the university is based on earnings regardless of financial need.

8.The University of Agriculture Faisalabad.

TOP 10 UNIVERSITIES OF PAKISTAN 2018: The Faisalabad University of Agriculture was born from the graduation of the former Agricultural College and Institute Punjab, Lyallpur, in 1961-62, and was mandated to accelerate the introduction of science and technology. technology in the modernization process of the national agricultural system and related activities to simplify production and bring more goods to a developing nation. This is done by integrating teaching, research and extension functions. The governor of Punjab runs the university as his chancellor. He or her candidate preside over the convocation of the University and the meetings of the Senate. The Minister / Minister of Agriculture, Government of Punjab, is his lawyer. The vice-chancellor is the university’s chief executive and academic office.

9.Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

TOP 10 UNIVERSITIES OF PAKISTAN 2018: The Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences of Islamabad is situated in a beautiful, rational landscape and is recognized as the most outstanding federal public university dedicated to higher education in specific disciplines in engineering, natural sciences, and sciences. formal. Although PIEAS offers BS, MS, Phil M and Ph.D. programs, however, they are dominated by graduate programs. These courses last from 2 to 18 months and include reactor monitoring and operation, physical health, medical physics, laser technology, vacuum technology, computer programs, advanced safety reactors and administrative sciences.
State diploma organizations have played an important role, and their contribution to national programs have been recognized by the awarding of the national civil awards, namely Hilal-e-Imtiaz, Tamgha-Imtiaz and Pride of Performance. The Institute of Excellence in Technology and Applied Sciences of Pakistan was recognized nationally when, in 2006, Pete was recognized as the best engineering university in Pakistan, established by HEC, at the first university. It has been defended as the best university of Pakistani engineering at HEC second year, which was conducted in 2012. PIEAS has actively communicated with renowned universities in developed countries, and these links are very useful for developing an exceptional doctoral program in Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

10.The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences.

Established as a federal registration institution in July 2000, the National University of Computer Science and Emerging Sciences is an award-winning university in Pakistan, renowned for the quality and impact of its students in local software development and other industries. The university has five modern campuses in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Chiniot-Faisalabad. These campuses provide a world-class educational environment and recreational facilities for approximately 9,000 students, including about a quarter of women.
The research wings of the university are well recognized, nationally and internationally. They are involved in cutting-edge research that has a direct impact on the social, economic and technological needs of the country.


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